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    We stock an extensive range of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners

    Come into store this weekend to see how you can save $$ on your energy and chemical costs and get an exceptionally clean pool too!

  • Dolphin M400

    The Dolphin M400 is a robust & powerful robot!
    Ideal for pools up to 15m in length, it brushes, scrubs, vacuums, and filters the entire pool (floors, walls, and waterline)
    Thanks to its fine and ultra-fine filter cartridges, it picks up both very fine particles and large debris

  • Discover your Talents

    Dolphin M700

    Designed to deliver incomparable scrubbing of the floor, walls, and waterline, the new limited edition Dolphin M700 has a unique water temperature sensor & a 5-stage LED filter indicator to accurately measure how full the filter is.

Discover the Dolphin Lines ​

The leader in robotic swimming pool cleaning technology

No matter the size, shape or type of pool, nothing cleans like a Maytronics Dolphin. Our range of smart robotic pool cleaners suck up dirt and debris and scrub the floor and walls leaving you with crystal clear water. Your Dolphin automatic pool cleaner allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it.

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